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Professionalism At Home


In order to focus and remain professional, while working, here are some tips.

●      Make sure you have everything you need in your home office workspace before you start working.

●      Confirm your schedule and stick to it!  Remember, this is a professional working environment.  Behaviors that aren’t okay in a traditional office environment are also not appropriate for a home office during working hours.

●      Talk to your family and friends about your job. Make sure they know your work schedule and understand that you cannot be interrupted.  We know this is the hardest part!  Some folks have a tough time understanding that ‘Work from Home’ really means ‘WORK’.  Here are a few pointers that have proved helpful to our most productive team members:

○      Put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on you office door to remind those in your home that you are working.

○      Post your home office hours.  Be sure to tell your family your schedule.

○      Never answer the door when you are on the phone.

○      Make sure that personal calls are answered outside of work hours.

○      Bring a beverage to start your day, so you don’t need to get up and get one later. It is also good to keep water in your office to keep your brain hydrated (after all, it is 75% water)!