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Networking Still Matters


Just because there is no physical water cooler doesn’t mean you will be lonely.  American Support supplies various online chat tools, bi-weekly update meetings, and trainings to keep in touch with each other.

Our most successful team members remember that maintaining both professional relationships and personal relationships is just as important when you work from home as when you work in a traditional office setting.  Here are some ideas from the team:

  • Plan meals or movies with friends or colleagues who work in your profession. For example, meet weekly to socialize and network with other professionals in your geographic area.
  • Pick up the phone and make that call. The plain old telephone is still a great way to touch base with people in your life.
  • Send a quick Email to keep in touch with friends and colleagues around the world.
  • Professional organizations are a sure way to meet people with whom you have a lot in common while offering learning opportunities such as classes, lectures, and social events.
  • Get buff while you meet new people. Join a gym and stay in shape!
  • Work from home chat rooms can be a great place to get ideas.