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More Than a Desk


When considering whether a “work from home” position is right for you, it is important to think about more than just whether you have a room to work in or a desk to work from.  There are several points to ponder including the following:

Dedicated Office Space: You need a spot where you can avoid interruptions and background noise.

Location: Choose a spot in your house where you can concentrate and use the phone without being disturbed.

Quiet Please: Look for a space that is free from ambient noise including pets, family members, loud dishwashers & blenders, TV, radio etc.   Also, make sure that your home office space is not located near main household traffic lanes.

High Speed Internet: Access to the Internet is a requirement, as not only will you be using it to access American Support systems, but all phone calls are routed through a Voice over IP telephony system (so no landline is required!).  Remember this quick key to success: the faster the Internet speed the better!  View our full PC requirements here

Temperature & Lighting: Being comfortable and having good lighting will make you more productive.  So, make sure you can control the temperature in your workspace and that you have all the lighting you need.

Furniture That Works: A desk chair with wheels and hard surface floors make it much easier to move around your workspace.  It has been proven that productivity improves in offices with comfortable and ergonomically safe furniture.

Two Monitors Are Better Than One: If you haven’t tried a dual monitor set up, give it a try.  You will wonder how you ever survived with only one monitor.

Really Communicate: Let your friends & family members know when you are working and that you absolutely cannot be interrupted.  This is the hardest part of working from home and it may take a few reminders before they respect your new job.