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Wake up and smell the coffee – at home!


That first sip in the morning is just the start of why so many of us have chosen to work from home.  It just makes sense, because it saves money, is better for our environment, adds precious personal time to our days, and it is helping to rebuild our economy.

Work from home is the next chapter in American business evolution and it is pretty cool.  Every day more American companies are waking up to the many benefits of the work from home business model.   They are learning how to best operate in a virtual environment and adjusting their business structure accordingly.  The same learning curve is taking place with employees, sometimes requiring an increase in personal drive and self-discipline, but also with greater rewards.

If you genuinely like people, have a solid work ethic and are disciplined, then you may be a perfect work from home candidate.  So, take a look at the seven pages in this section, which  cover the many aspects of working from home.  We want you to have the information you need, before you apply to American Support.