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Veterans and Their Families

The Best Welcome Home Is A Job

Since 2010, American Support has worked closely with the U.S.O., the Wounded Warrior Project and the National Military Spouse Network to provide jobs for our nation’s veterans and their spouses.

As an American company, we believe that part of our charter is to employ other Americans.  To do so and compete with offshore prices, we have built the firm on a virtual, work-from-home model, beginning with Customer Care.  That means we can hire qualified talent from anywhere in the country.  And it was clear from the start that veterans and their spouses represent an amazing pool of talent.  So, we want to do more than just thank them for their service, which we wholeheartedly do:

With the talents of our veterans, we want to build our company and our country, while they build their future.

“At American Support, we are proud to be bringing jobs back to the United States and to be offering employment opportunities to our veterans and their spouses.  These individuals have made great sacrifices on behalf of our nation and providing them a job when they get home is the least that we can do.”

Matt Zemon, President and CEO, American Support & Entrepreneur In Residence, National Military Spouse Network

Please consider joining us.  If you are a vet, are married to a vet, or know a vet who is looking for an opportunity, we welcome your interest.  Learn more about American Support or apply today.  Either way, you’ll be on your way to a brighter future!


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