Hiring the Best from Across the Country!

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“I chose American Support because I feel that this is an opportunity of a LIFETIME! Being able to work from home is the BEST! Also, in my time here at American Support, I have been shown the multiple opportunities for growth within the company. I am always promoting the company to outsiders and encourage them to apply online.” -Renee S.


“My name is Julia, and I am a Staffing Specialist for American Customer Service because American Support has captured a new approach to customer service. This industry is wide open (nowhere to go but UP), American Support is setting the standard of excellence in this venue of providing customer service at all levels”


“I am a Success Coach for American Customer Service because I love to do rewarding work. I have found out this is the place to do great work & to be rewarded greatly for doing so.” -Bryan K.


“My name is Renee, and I choose to be an American CSR because its a great workplace, friendly team members, and a wonderful opportunity to work from home and grow with the company.” -Renee M.


“I am an American CSR because I too am a customer and I feel that it is my responsibility to help those that need help. When the customer calls in and is having problems it is our duty to make sure by the time they hang up the problem is no more and that they are smiling or laughing with you. I try my best to make sure that the customer feels how I would like to feel after I have called to either complain, get information or make a payment.” -Yonique N.